Acorn Necklace

Acorn Necklace

Out now at We ❤ RP


Jeepers Creepers!

Adore & Abhor

I’m usually horrible about doing holiday-type-things, but I LOVE HALLOWEEN, and this year, I’m super excited about these creepy cuties.
There are 13 in all, and will be released for different events throughout October.  When the last event is over, they will all vanish… forever!
I’ve done this set for both my stores (Adore&Abhor and Mabinogion), to cover all the events that I’m participating in.

*(The 2012 is a typo. Sorry!)

These first two are out now at my main store for FLF.

Jeepers Creepers ZombieJeepers Creepers Vampire

These two are out for We ❤ RP

Jeepers Creepers WerewolfJeepers Creepers Black Cat


Lastly, I put this out for FLF last round and completely forgot to blog it. WOOPS. Oh well, now here it is. It’s up in the store at the regular price, though is quite a bargain as it comes with so many colours, and both hand and feet appliers are within! For 99L you really can’t lose.

Basics Pack

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Medieval Belts and Bunny Ears

This medieval-styled belt is out now at We ❤ RP. It is original unrigged mesh, with hand-made textures. It comes in five leather colours (Black, white, brown, green, red) and each pack comes with both silver and gold rings. For this month, it is 50% off at the event, then it will go out in my store, with some additional packs!

These bunny ears were a big hit when they were out at We ❤ RP a few months ago, so I have made additional colours! There are five natural colours (White, black, brown, ginger & grey) as well as five fantasy colours (Pink, purple, blue, green & yellow), and there are packs of each that only cost half of what it would cost to buy all of them separately. There are two ears that I made special for my VIPs (Mint and Calico, as seen above). 

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Lilypad Epaulettes for We <3 RP

Lilypad Epaulettes

This month is the 3rd We ❤ RP event, which has proven to be quite successful, and all of the designs are absolutely fabulous!

Check out their blog for more info!

These epaulettes are brand new for the event, 100% original mesh, with delicate water beads and pearl centers.


Bunny Ears for We <3 Role Play

Bunny Ears


This month marks the beginning of a new event called We ❤ Role Play. The event is a collection of fantasy and role play designers offering some great items at a discounted price.

Check out their blog for more info!

These bunny ears are brand new for the event, 100% original mesh and lovingly hand-textured. For the event, you get two bunny ears for the price of one! After the event is over, the ears will be put out in my main store with more colour options.